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Economic activity of the enterprises

- Commercial practice and economic disputes
- Labour law
- Tax law and tax disputes
- Corporate law and corporate disputes
- Financial credit instruments
- Law audit

Commercial practice and economic disputes

Lawyers of our company have considerable experience in making out different commercial agreements, law consultancy, negotiations with contracting parties and participation in judicial examination of disputes.

We consider that our services help clients to reduce commercial risks to reasonably acceptable limits.

Specialists of the company deal with making out of the agreements and have experience of participation in the negotiations concerning the terms of different types of commercial agreements, particularly agreements for joint manufacture of products, agreements for rendering of services, connected with the storing of goods and material and technical support, and also transport and public utility services, lease agreements of vehicles, equipment and other articles of movable property, agreements of financial lease, agency agreements, etc.

Our activity for protection of client interests in the courts and executive bodies of the Russian Federation includes:
  • Protection of interests of legal and physical bodies in relations with governmental and local authorities;
  • Appealing of illegal actions of governmental authorities (customs and anti-monopoly authorities, currency control bodies);
  • Support of client interests in the trial courts of general jurisdiction, arbitral, intermediate courts;
  • Securing of client interests in the trial courts of general jurisdiction and arbitral courts before court decision become effective;
  • Preparation of complaints against court decisions not becoming effective and support of interests of legal entities and physical bodies in the courts of cassational instance;Подготовку жалоб на не вступившие в законную силу решения судов и представление интересов юридических и физических лиц в судах кассационных инстанций;
  • Preparation of complaints against court decisions becoming effective and support of interests of legal entities and physical bodies in the courts of supervisory instance;
  • Legal support of court enforcement action;
Labour law

Human resources – is a special sphere of activity as the employer very often doesn’t know how to avoid serious conflicts with personnel with the help of labor law. We are ready to assist our clients with execution of local acts of the enterprise and also with the consultancy on optimum application of Labor code of the Russian Federation regulations in the different situations and within the framework of the certain labour collective.

We provide the following services:
  • consultancy in the sphere of industrial regulation and common questions of personnel management;
  • recommendations on organization of labor daily routine, execution of labor agreements;
  • consultancy regarding salary and other payments provided by the collective and labor agreements, optimum taxation of these payments;
  • consultancy on benefits provided to the personnel;
  • settlement of labor disputes, pre-trial and within the legal process;
  • appeal of rescripts, reports and resolutions of administrative bodies, including within the legal process.
Tax law and tax disputes

Consultancy on taxation – is one of the main lines of activity of legal company "TRUST". We provide consultancy on all questions concerning taxation of physical bodies and organizations.

We apply an individual approach to each client depending on the objectives and goals targeting.

We inform our regular clients beforehand about the most significant changes of tax law and about the expected consequences of their application.

Our goal – is the reducing of clients tax expenses and minimization of risks connected with taxation.

We provide to our clients the wide range of services:
  • consultancy on the questions of taxation;
  • legal due diligence of actions and normative acts of taxation bodies;
  • conduction of tax disputes in courts;
  • preliminary estimation of tax consequences after agreements execution and prevention of undesirable tax consequences for clients;
  • consultancy on the questions of taxation of incomes of physical bodies;
Corporate law and corporate disputes

We have great experience in such spheres as:
  • Support of transactions concerning merging and acquisition
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial credit instruments
  • Antimonopoly legislation / natural monopoly
  • Legal entities, branches, agencies / joint ventures
  • Support of clients in the trial courts of general jurisdiction, arbitral, intermediate courts on corporate questions
We also provide our clients with consultancy over the current questions arising as a result of their activity and maintain realization of complex projects.

After client application to settle the arising corporate dispute we take into account the following criteria of positive dispute settlement estimation:
  • Opportunity of pre-trial conflict settlement;
  • Existence of legal base (material and procedural grounds, judicial and law enforcement practice) for achievement of the assigned task;
  • Opportunity of securing of a claim brought on behalf of a mandatory (be means of imposition of arrest on disputed property, prohibition of execution of certain actions, etc.);
  • analysis of risk of counter-claiming and also application of measures for securing of a claim in respect of mandator;
  • opportunity of real execution of the judicial act;
  • existence of constituent elements of offence or administrative violation in the actions of the contracting party;
  • other significant criteria defined in each particular case.
Financial credit instruments

Our practice in the sphere of financial credit instruments includes both consultancy and complex realization of such projects as:
  • issue of shares, debenture bonds;
  • placement of securities;
  • settlement of transactions with financial credit instruments, including their legal due diligence;
  • consultancy concerning circulation of notes;
Law audit

This type of our services allows the companies even with the qualified lawyers in their staff to reveal potential risk areas of activity and work out the way of their minimization or full elimination if possible.