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Disputes concerning compensation of damage as a result of the road traffic accident

One of the lines of activity of Legal company "TRUST" is settlement of disputes concerning compensation of damage as a result of the road traffic accident.

Compulsory civil liability insurance for the owner of the transport vehicle, regulated by Federal law of April 25, 2002 № 40-FZ is deficient because of great number of defects and differences in the law itself. It gives the insurers the opportunity for insufficient refusal in the payment of insurance indemnification, understatement of its amount and extension of the payment terms. Lots of the owners of transport vehicles don’t have insurance policy and refuse to indemnify. State Traffic Safety Inspection authorities often render insufficient decisions concerning the cases of administrative violation which influence the possibility and amount of indemnification. Persons affected don’t have special knowledge in such area, don’t keep the terms for illegal bill of advocation passed by the governmental authorities, don’t keep established order of appeal. As a result persons affected turn out to be in the extremely unfavourable conditions.

Specialists of the company will render qualified legal assistance concerning illegal bills of advocation on the cases of administrative violations and help to reimburse losses arising as a result of the road traffic accident, including collection of:
  • cost of corrective maintenance of the damaged transport vehicle;
  • loss of commodity value of the damaged transport vehicle;
  • expenses for evacuation of the damaged vehicle from the place of the road accident;
  • expenses for storage of the damaged transport vehicle;
  • expenses for delivery of the injured persons to the hospital;
  • lost income which injured had or could have as of the date of injury
  • additional expenses incurred by the injured as a result of injury to health, including expenses for medical treatment, food, medicine, prosthetics, medical attendance, sanatorium-resort therapy, purchase of special transport vehicles, preparation for another profession
  • loss of profit
  • compensation of moral damage